Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Steel Lancer Arena International - A Brief SV-Mechanic's Guide

Picking your SV is an important decision that will greatly impact your success in Rumbling. The SV brand you choose can be the difference between constantly having 0 credits, and a full bank account with a nice set of medals. But where do you begin when choosing your make? Well, let's just take a look at what's available to you.

The Hartman Model~
Always a crowd favorite! Hartmans are the Heaviest SVs you can build. Excelling in armor, Firepower, and weapon versatility. Put one of these big boys on a crawler leg module, and you can pack some heavy ordinance ranging from multi-missile pods, to the Versatile Heavy machine gun, to the unique and powerful partical cannon. Aside from the prices of Hartman modules, many rumblers rely on this model as their victory machine.

The ZWERG Model~
Blocky, Robotic, Ugly, but carries a strange balance in firepower and speed. The ZWERG is oriented for mid to close range combat, with simple missile pods, and unique melee weapons capable of high damage, and EMP effects. The downside to these machines are their speed, they simply creep along with most weapon combinations but lack the armor to make up for it. A couple of toolkits and a reliable Optical Camofluage unit are a must to make these machines tough enough for high rank battles.

The Carro Model~
A classic and reliable SV. The Carro has no real strengths or weaknesses, and can be easily adapted via the available modules for it. Many rumblers rely on its Heavy machine gun arm module for swift damage. This model has a somewhat unruly melee weapon and it is not recommended to try and make use of it unless you are targeting slower SVs directly in front of you.

The KHT Model~
A marvelously balanced SV. If the Carro doesn't have what you are looking for in mobility, the KHT has you covered. One of these machines combined with a sturdy leg module such as a 4-Leg can carry up to 3 High output missile pods as well as a 4th weapon for versatility. The Chainsaw module for the KHT has a good horizontal swing to it making it easy to use, but difficult to hit shorter targets without more precise aiming.

The Proton Model~
The ultra-lite for the speed freak in all of us. What the proton lacks in armor, it makes up for in its outstanding mobility. It isn't uncommon to see these SVs stacked with OC units and short range weapons for stealthy and quick take downs. Another popular build for this model, is the combined power of Sub, Heavy, and Shot gun modules for high accuracy fast-damage. It takes considerable reflexes and strategy to make use of a Proton, but mastery over it can lead to victories at even the highest ranks.

-Now on to shoulder/arm modules. What good is an SV over a car if you don't have some firepower?

Sub Machine Guns - average to high powered burst shot weapon. Strong against units outside of OC.

Assault Rifle - Low to average constant damage. Good for sweeping at OC'd enemies to reveal them. One of the best weapons for dealing with wild SVs such as Dusters and Sweepers.

Heavy Machine Gun - Average to high powered constant damage. Not good at sweeping, but make excellent combination damage for taking down enemies quickly.

Melee - Melee modules are high damage weapons that take a good deal of accuracy and low distance to be made effective. All are recommended, but the ZWERG modules are easily the superior of them all with the ability to disable chip functions.

Armor - Armor Modules are not recommended, but can be useful if you want an extra bit of safety on light SVs such as the Proton or the KHT.

Missile - If you have a good targeting chip, missile pods can end an enemy fast. Their downside is their capability to miss even when locked, and their firing speed makes them somewhat difficult to utlize when cornered or being assaulted by faster SVs such as the proton.

Launcher - For those who don't approve of aiming. The Grenade launcher cause medium explosions capable of area damage but is poor in close combat or as a primary weapon.

Sniper Rifle - Got distance between you and your enemy? Hit them hard with the sniper rifle. This is obviously a poor close combat weapon, and has a low firing rate.

Wire Charge - The strategists weapon. Capable of damaging long stretches of land with both explosive and EMP damage. Difficult to aim, but a good weapon to master for both crowd control and chip disabling.

Partical Cannon - Fires a short beam at a low firing rate. Does whopping damage, but can become undercharged if used too frequently. These moments of disuse can make you a sitting duck, so this is not recommended as a primary weapon.

-What about option mods? You didn't think we'd leave them out did you?

OC Unit - Mandatory for survival and missile dodging. Turn yourself (mostly) invisible! A medium is generally the way to go, if you desire more OC stack a light or two on as well to save sockets.

Tool Set - Increases your armor at the price of weight.

Processor - Improves chip performance

Chips/Gems - Effect the usefulness of various systems and your OC length

Insurance - Winners never buy this item

Novelty toys - Up your weight

Stock Certificate - Vary in value day by day. Buy low, sell high! (No need to equip these items)

Paints and Decals aren't necessary, but you can look damn good at only a small price if you choose to use them. Keep an eye out for unique paint styles, and daily server decals.

Those are the basics! Now go forth with your new knowledge, and rise to Rank #1


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